Step into Lindsey’s pink meat locker in Wanamingo, Minnesota. As a custom-exempt plant, her mission is clear: connect you, the consumer, with top-quality products from local farmers, offering everything from jerky sticks to perfectly aged steaks. But it’s not just a shop – Lindsey’s is sharing her agriculture story at nearly 100 events every year, catering events, and serving up mouthwatering BBQ from her food trailer. In these episodes, Lindsey and special guests take you on a meaty journey, from processing to specialty cuts and kitchen tips.

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What to expect:

  • Insider knowledge of meat cuts and preparation
  • Expert butchery tips and tricks
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the shop
  • Industry experts on the latest in agriculture
  • And more!


Lindsey: Hey, everybody, I’m Lindsey. Welcome to my little pink meat locker on the corner here in Wanamingo, Minnesota called Blondie’s Butcher Shop. I want to welcome you guys in and talk a little bit more about my meat processing facility and what I do in agriculture.

So welcome inside Blondies. This butcher shop has been here since 1934 and I’ve been carrying on the legacy for over a decade.

I’m a custom exempt plant, which means I primarily work for the farmer and my main goal is to connect you, the consumer, with the farmer. In addition to serving the local farmers, as you can see, we have a full retail, including everything from your typical sticks jerkies for your fishing trips, to your aged steaks and meats and some of your specialty cups that are most popular right now.

I personally speak at nearly 100 events annually throughout the Midwest and nationally, to help tell the story of agriculture. You’ll also catch Blondie’s Butcher Shop catering, corporate events and weddings, as well as our food trailer that does barbecue and also has the mini donut machine.

In these episodes, join me and my special guests, as we educate and entertain you on all things meat industry, everything from processing, butchery, specialty cuts, and what you can do in your very own kitchen at home, as well as keeping up with what’s happening at Blondie’s Butcher Shop.

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