About Blondies

Meet Linsey Loken, your resident Blonde Butcher and the mastermind behind the meaty paradise known as Blondies Butcher Shop.

Meet the friendly face behind our Blondies Butcher Shop, Lindsey. Your go-to meat expert for quality cuts and exceptional service.

How it all Started

Growing up on a farm surrounded by cattle and horses and a vet tech mom, Lindsey has animal instincts in her blood. After years as a paramedic in the wilds of Wyoming and Montana, she was feeling burnt out on emergency medicine when her dad called her up one day and said, “Hey, the meat locker across the street is for sale!” Fast forward a decade, and Blondies Butcher Shop stands proudly as a testament to Linsey’s passion and dedication.

Blondies Butcher Shop owner, Lindsay prides herself on providing the ultimate butcher shop experience.

A Wanamingo Tradition

Blondies Butcher Shop has a rich history that spans all the way back to 1934. As the proud fourth owner, Linsey takes the reins, proudly leading a predominantly women-operated establishment. We’re here to bridge the gap between the hardworking producers and the meat-loving consumers.

Your Personal Meat Mentor

Wondering what are the best cuts and how to cook them to perfection? We’ve got you covered. We’re not just about selling you a delicious ribeye; we want to send you home with the knowledge and confidence to sizzle it just right.

Beyond the
Butcher Block

In addition to full retail services, an exclusive harvest floor, and custom cuts, Blondies offers food trailer BBQ, catering for weddings, fundraisering for local schools, and much more.

Hear From Our Customers

Awesome staff, awesome meat products, and the decor is super fun! Plus, the catering is delicious!

– Aaron and Amanda A.

Butchering services and prices top notch. Brats, burger, etc the best.

– Joe

Super helpful and kind staff. Picked up a pig…. yum!!! Even grabbed some of their beef jerky… super good.

– James E.

Get In Touch

Contact us for questions regarding our process, products or services.