Lindsey Takes You Behind the Scenes as a Guest On KTTC

Join Lindsey as she takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes journey as a culinary guest on KTTC. Get a peak into the intricate process of transitioning from the butcher block to broadcast, from preparation to the cameras rolling. Lindsey shares an exclusive look into the fall freezer clean-out and some mouth-watering winter dishes using venison and more. Check out this episode as Lindsey brings the charm and expertise of Blondies Butcher Shop to the screen!

What You’ll Learn:

  • The behind-the-scenes process of being a culinary guest on a live broadcast.
  • Tips and tricks for a successful fall freezer clean-out.
  • Inspiring ideas for crafting mouthwatering winter dishes using seasonal ingredients.


Hey everybody, it’s Lindsey with Blondies Butcher Shop. I am sitting in my car right now I got called in for a last minute cancellation at the TV studio that’s closest to me down here in Rochester called KTTC. I’ve been partnered with them for the last couple months and told them I’d fill in if they ever had a cancellation because I’m 15 minutes north of them. So they call today which of course is the day that I forgot to put makeup on. Also the day I cleaned my car out yesterday, so I had no backup clothes, nothing. So I did the mad dash to the scrub store which they actually had Carhart’s So that was pretty slick. Honestly, I’m feeling a little bit more like the bearded butcher than I am the blonde butcher right now. So we’re gonna go inside, hit the makeup chair, get cleaned up, try to look semi decent for camera, because see my pink wagon back here. Today we’re gonna talk quick about protein meals and fall freezer clean out, right, we all need to do that. So come along with me. Let’s go hit the studio, meet some of my friends here and kind of see how it’s done. forewarning it’s not as glamorous as you think it is. But it’ll be fun. So go along. Okay, so we’re gearing up to go in. KTTC. Check it all the nice clean cars. And then you call the butcher to town. All right, so here’s my super cool. Pink wagon. Amazon special stick wheels. Okay, we got our clothes. We got our gobi so you can kind of see what we’re filming. We got venison in here. All our groceries set the scene for the camera. Here we go. Let’s head in. TV’s more work than you think. Trust me. I have seven minutes but hours of preparation. Okay, we’re in getting ready. Soon, but your mode. It’s kind of glamorous. kind of cute. Till you turn to your turn to the left.

All right, let’s get ready. Okay, we have makeup on we’re cleaned up. My face is shaver burned but it’s fine. I don’t look like beer butcher on TV now. We’re gonna head out and get ready for our set and set up. Let me show you. The whole outfit. Probably doesn’t show very well, huh. So all black, ponytail. We’re going with it. Let’s get to the studio. All right, we are in studio. Here’s the control center, all the prompters, not to mention the epic pink cart. And then Midwest Access. And here’s my little spot. I’ll set up you can see my view. There’s our prompter there’s the set.

Well, you know it’s getting a little chilly but that’s okay. We have Lindsey Loken here of blondies butcher shop. She’s going to show us how to prepare some winter dishes. We’re back getting ready. She’s just winter dishes. I think everybody knows about the fall freezer clean out right. It’s all good all this time of year. My family right? Yeah, we’re coming upon the weekend where we unleash the world’s largest army and that is The Deer Hunter. Right I’ll get to your winner this weekend. So it’s gonna be a big one that so I just brought down some specialties for whether your deer camp this weekend. We’ve had a lot of cold weather we had our first snow Yeah, I was nice for that a lot if anybody else was running from that. So you know I will? Yes, yes. So when we talk about freezer clean out we always know there’s that random calendar ground pork? Yes. We’re trying to finish up some venison from last year’s haunt. We probably have a bag or two ground venison in our freezer and then straight up to burger right never had really. Never. Is gamey though from what I hear right? Depends.

Yeah, some of the bucks can get a little more gamey here you know coming out of coming out rut. So I but the doses are usually a lot sweeter and a lot more mild flavors. So you might want to stick with the doe for your first time we’ll hook you up. Okay, but let’s talk chili, chili, you might be making chili and it is it’s the hodgepodge it’s the almost too old carrots and salary in your fridge that can go in the pot and they’ll be just fine. Everybody’s use their canned tomatoes for the summer or you can grab them at the store. Everything’s on sale right now because tis the season right? So check it out. I’ve never had chili where it’s not had beans have you know, it’s more about it. I think is it more of a southern thing, but I don’t know I’ve never had it without it. So those of you who have those recipes, okay, you don’t like those beans? I like more than me. I don’t like being in deer camp with them anything all those beings Yeah. Oh, right. Yeah. So don’t be afraid to do a mixture whatever type of chili you like make sure add more chili powder covers whatever if you like the spice your flavors. I’ve very Midwest palate. So I’m more of a meat potatoes girl with my Irish background. So I have a very boring palate. No, it’s not. I like meeting potatoes too. Right. Right. So let’s move on to the ultimate Midwest tradition. And that is your pork roast and your beef rose. So we talked about trying to have a ton this summer with Kenny here. Yes, backyard barbecue with you guys. Move your child tip into the fall. Don’t be afraid with your tribe tip is traditionally actually just a roast. Not a barbecue pot. It’s traditionally rose, California made it cool. Is it to say hi, my dad you did it. We’re responsible for that. So we would have normally treated the Tri Tip as a rose and you can absolutely do that. And the number one mid us to tradition at least in most of the farmers wives almanac cookbooks I read is to put your beef roast with your pork roast. Really? Okay. It’s amazing. Put them both in the crock pot together. Run them for six to seven hours. Okay, that is slow.

What do you have right there can use a pressure you actually can use a pressure cooker. If you’re short on time. You can’t got the time to let it roast on a Saturday. Start writing in the morning, let it run till summertime. It’ll be fall apart. mix these two together. You won’t regret it. If you’re a true Midwesterner, you could take the beef row. So get your pork roast in here was our girl saying that?

I love sauerkraut. Yeah, hotdog. But I never thought about having your pork roast pork. Well, okay, poor girls. Yes. Yeah, I can do that. Yep, you would love that. That’s an excellent pairing. And then finally, I brought you our double pit smoked ham for blondies. This is my husband’s truck. And I thought he was crazy when I first met him because I had never, I’d always put pineapple with my hands in the crock pot. I’ve never done that. Yeah, so that was my family’s tradition. He will put a coke in with his hand and turn the crock pot on low. I’m amazing with coke. And I think it was turkey or something when they were basting it so not too far off the sugar and the acidity really breaks down that ham it’s already got that double, double smoke flavor. So those flavors are really really blend together super well. Just make sure if you don’t have a Coke, you’re using something sugar based, okay? If you don’t if you use waters cooking your hands on a crock pot, it will pull the smoke flavor out of it. So use something sugar base, whether that’s a Coke, it has to be sugar, not a diet anything. So coke Sprite, apple juice, pineapple juice. Sounds good. There’s some fun tips for your client.

You know what, and I have to try venison one day. Yeah, I just haven’t gotten around. But I’m here now. So I have no excuse. You’re a new midwesterner. We’ll get to you. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thank you for having me. And still to come on Midwest access. We have a look at your local headlines with Caitlin. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

Here we are back in my car. We just finished our episode with Katie TC, our quick seven minute segment. As you can kind of see, I don’t think I got the video shut off in time. But I always try to have two segments planned as a backup. I’ve been pulled in for a second segment if a guest can’t show up. And that was actually the whole reason I was here today. So our second segment we were just going to talk deer carcass tips, tricks and tips handling hot carcasses, cold carcasses and the best food safety standards and handling practices for venison on your own at home. So that is it. It’s quick. I’ve worked with KTC now for a couple months where I’ve gotten to know most of the people. I’ve been to other news stations and I will tell you, you have to bring your A game and you better be ready because most of the time you don’t get to meet the person that’s going to be interviewing you. So make sure you’re always on your A game if you’re going into a studio is your one chance I don’t get charged for these episodes. But these episodes cost me a few hours of my time to prep and then probably $200 in you know meat vegetables, whatever to make my set look The most appeasing and the best to keep the viewer watching because the bottom line is that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about the views you get, and I will take anything I can get when it comes to getting free media like this. So, as always, we’re very appreciative to KTTC for having us it’s a great time. We do really good in their viewership so much appreciation now you got to see the behind the scenes it’s not as glamorous as it is it’s kind of hot and crazy fly by the seat your pants, but honestly, I probably wouldn’t have it any other way. So we’ll catch you guys next time. Thanks for following along.

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